Wolfing - Father and Son Set

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Wolfing - Father and Son Set, Wolf Design, Wood Bow Tie Set

We first created this set as a custom design, but are now ready to sell it to the public. The 'thistle' style is a bit wider than our other designs, which gives it a vintage edge. The dad tie is cut out of cherry wood with a dark mahogany back, while the boys tie is engraved in cherry.

This custom bow tie is a part of the Thistle Collection. One of our larger shapes, this collection uses the Thistle or Big Butterfly shape style – this shape style is one of the largest and is mostly seen on bow ties used for lavish, fancy-dress occasions.

Approx. 2.25" tall, 5.25" wide, .5" thick. All our adult size ties come with an adjustable tuxedo strap, fitting 13" - 24" in diameter.

The kid tie is attached with a collar clip and magnet.