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My husband loves his, very nice he gets tons of compliments!

Amy Lamb

I am so happy with how they turned out! Can't wait to do pictures with my boys wearing them!

Kaela Thurgood

I can’t wait. They are absolutely going to love their new bow ties.
Keep up the good work.


Thank you so much, I just picked them up. They look great.


Great bow ties. Awesome customer service! If you are looking for a great gift for Dad, this is the spot.

Dr. Wayne Cox

Creative Customs

We love to create unique wearable artwork. If you are planning a wedding, or want something special for that huge presentation, we can help make you stand out in a crowd.

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Design. Design. Design.

Yeah, they're cool. Wooden bow ties are cool!
We never want to stand on our laurels, always shooting for bigger, better more auspicious creations than the one we just finished.
Every product we create focuses with design. our requests and product designs start with good ol' fashioned pencil and paper sketching. A paper full of sketches and doodles while researching images and patterns get the creative juices flowing. Sketches are revised and refined with the better ones being recreated digitally, generally with 2 - 4 variations.

We have created 6 basic shapes or styles that we create our wooden bow ties (see 'Styles' for more information). Each style has it's own personality, whether it's the bold Modern shape or the classic patterned Straight shape.
As we our created the designs and patterns that will be cut into the wood, we are also figuring out which shape or style will show off the design best.

With a design created and a style picked, we then choose wood selections. Working mostly with a half dozen solid and composite wood grains, but with more than 2 dozen specialty wood available.... this is sometimes the hardest part.

Cherry is one of my personal favorites. Not only is cherry a beautifully unique color and grain, it also etches wonderfully. Red oak, on the other hand does not engrave great but it's color and tight grain enhance bold shapes in our designs. A new favorite is Red Cedar, which also has a very distinct grain and coloring.

Our wood bow tie designs are generally cut with left over pieces from previous projects, before the design and selections are revise and ready for the final set-up. The tie designs are generally cut into 4 (or more) pieces. The 1/8" woods and cleaned, some are oiled, then put together with glue and nails and attached to an adjustable tuxedo type bow tie strap.

Our latest wood bow designs are kinetic, THEY MOVE. What? I know, it's pretty mind blowing, but we have design wooden gears that can actually spin. Think of it as a dapper fidget spinner.

I don't always wear a wooden bow tie,

but when I do, I wood knot.