M.L. Missionary Esq., Wood Bow Tie

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M.L. Missionary Esq. is a favorite 'club round' bow tie engraved beautifully into mahogany wood. The design includes an Angel Moroni, world map and a definition of a missionary.

This custom bow tie is a part of the Esquire Collection (Esq.). This collection uses the Club Round shape style – reminiscent of white-tuxedo casino dress, this nontraditional style has unique rounded ends, and is quickly becoming one of the most popular styles.

Mahogany has a deeper, more vibrant color than walnut, and it has a small, straight grain. We use this dark wood for those unique bow ties that call for great contrast and bold patterns.

Approx. 1.75" x 5". All our adult size ties come with an adjustable tuxedo strap, fitting 13" - 24" in diameter.