B.B. Genealogy Esq.

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B.B. Genealogy Esq. is a favorite 'club round' bow tie engraved beautifully into natural birch wood. The design includes the imagery of a family tree, leave, and genealogy scripture text.

This custom bow tie is a part of the Esquire Collection (Esq.). This collection uses the Club Round shape style – reminiscent of white-tuxedo casino dress, this nontraditional style has unique rounded ends, and is quickly becoming one of the most popular styles.

Natural Birch is a light plywood with a larger grain and brighter finish than regular birch. Wood bow ties made from natural birch have darker contrast, so we use natural birch for bow ties that are meant to show off pattern designs.

Approx. 1.75" x 5". Comes complete with adjustable strap. All our adult size ties come with an adjustable tuxedo strap, fitting 13" - 24" in diameter.